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The Tap House

50 Brews. Which to choose?

The Tap House on Historic Third Street in Rochester has 50 tap beers available at the pull of a tap handle, and they all have one origin in common.

"We are 100 percent American craft beer," co-owner Christine Stahl said.

But how do you pick a pleasing brew among unfamiliar labels? First, check the tap list for short descriptions of flavors and alcohol content.

Second, ask the servers. They sample the beers when they arrive in house and are trained to help narrow the field.

Third, get a small sample. Often a quick taste makes the choice clear.

When you find the right taste, you might want to add some outdoor atmosphere. The Tap House also offers a rooftop seating area, with a large fireplace and heaters for chilly evenings.

For more information about the Tap House and two other hotspots for summer dining, click here.