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Smile! Welcome to Rochester, MN.

We hear it all the time when people visit our city: Everyone here is so friendly!




We confess, it's true. But the smiles are just the beginning. Rochester, MN is a no-hassle getaway. We're easy to get to, and it's easy to get around. There's plenty to do when you feel like it, and plenty of ways to relax when you don't.

It's your choice on your schedule, and we're always glad to see you, just the way you are. In fact, in a lot of ways - even when it's your first time here - Rochester has all the qualities you want in a good friend.

Visit the smile-worthy locations showcased in this video clip: Quarry Hill Nature Center, the Rochester Art CenterCascade MeadowsSekapp OrchardPlummer House, and Whistle Binkies on the Lake.