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Hotels Fact Sheet

Rochester, Minn. offers over 5,000 hotel rooms, combining a huge inventory for a city of its size with extras that appeal to business, meeting and family travelers. Rochester is a city built on hospitality and its hotels make it their mission to accommodate the particular needs of their guests.more

Restaurant Fact Sheet

Located only a few blocks from the heart of downtown, 300 First features a variety of new American dishes and drinks, including “smoking martinis,” in a hip, stylish atmosphere. The restaurant occupies the main floor of a historic grocery warehouse from the turn of the century and was voted the place with the coolest vibe by Rochester Magazine.more

Airport Fact Sheet

Rochester, Minn. is home to the world-famous Mayo Clinic and welcomes researchers, visiting physicians and patients from around the globe on a regular basis. For these reasons, Rochester has developed a world-class international airport to ensure seamless access to the city. The Rochester International Airport serves hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.more

Golf Fact Sheet

For golf enthusiasts, sometime golfers or those entertaining clients, Rochester, Minn. is paradise. Boasting nine courses and 126 public holes, Rochester has affordable golf options averaging less than $36 per round and ranging from 5,823 to 7,209 yards and par 70-72.more

Rochester, Minn. Convention & Visitors Bureau Statistics & History

Census figures show that Rochester is home to the most physicians per capita of any metropolitan area in the country with 1,995 physicians per 100,000 people – or one in 50.more

Outdoor Sporting Fact Sheet

The Rochester, Minn. area provides a unique mix of outdoor sporting opportunities and visitor amenities found nowhere else in the U.S. Rochester is the gateway to world-class trout fishing, white-tailed deer, grouse, waterfowl and wild turkey hunting, eagle watching, and so much more. Centrally located within minutes of countless streams, rivers and lakes, Rochester prov...more

Trails Fact Sheet

Opportunities to enjoy running, hiking, inline skating, biking or walking throughout Rochester, Minn. are endless. The city offers more than 85 miles of trails with amazing city and country views and recently finished surfaces. Rochester provides easy and accessible ways for residents and visitors to incorporate physical activity into their daily lives.more

Skyway/Subway and Transportation Fact Sheet

A small city with a big city transportation system, Rochester, Minn. offers a skyway system, subterranean walkways (called the “subway” system), bus, taxi, car rentals and airport shuttles to connect its many attractions for business and leisure travelers.more

Art and Antiques Fact Sheet

Rochester, Minn. offers a variety of art and antique experiences for treasure hunters from around the world. From world-class art collections to a variety of antique shops, visitors find a wealth of artifacts in a clean and safe Midwestern oasis.more

Alternative Meeting Facilities Fact Sheet

For meetings of all sizes and special needs, Rochester, Minn. offers alternative spaces with distinct personality and character. From historic mansions to garden pavilions, Rochester is a perfect choice for regional, national and international conventions.more

Mayo Civic Center Fact Sheet

Rochester, Minn.’s Mayo Civic Center offers meeting spaces to meet the goals of a variety of groups. Rochester is known as a city that welcomes religious, youth sports, government, medical, military, agricultural, education, fraternal, trade association and corporate groups to gather. Combined with the innovation of Mayo Clinic and IBM Corporation, Rochester offers an ex...more

Historic Attractions Fact Sheet

Rochester, Minn. offers a variety of historical attractions to enhance the visitor experience. By discovering Rochester’s unique history, including the story of the renowned Mayo Clinic, visitors come to understand why Rochester is such an important innovation city.more

Music and Drama Fact Sheet

There is an abundance of great theater and music entertainment available to Rochester, Minn. residents and visitors, with something to satisfy every taste. Rochester provides a surprising number of arts and entertainment options for a city of its size, including free and seasonal entertainment.more

Peace Plaza Fact Sheet

Rochester’s Peace Plaza offers a space for residents to enjoy local events and festivals while taking in the sights and sounds of a bustling downtown. The Peace Plaza hosts outdoor concerts, markets and events, and serves as a slice of nature in a downtown where millions of travelers visit each year.more

Sport Team Fact Sheet

Visitors to Rochester, Minn. are astonished by the wide variety and availability of sports teams, ranging from amateur and youth to semi-professional and national club teams. Sports lovers find no shortage of action, excitement and competitive spirit in this Midwestern innovation city.more

Sports Venues Fact Sheet

With a variety of sporting teams, ranging from amateur to semi-professional baseball, hockey and football, Rochester, Minn. offers a surprising number of top-level sporting facilities that can be used for meetings, exhibitions, championship tournaments and other special events.more

Rochester Amateur Sports Commission Fact Sheet

Rochester, Minn. has a strong history of hosting world-class sporting events in the Midwest. The Rochester Amateur Sports Commission (RASC) attracts the country’s premier events to the charming small town environment of Rochester.more

About Rochester

Rochester, Minn. has consistently been voted one of the top cities to live in the U.S. and attracts people from all over the world to experience the unique combination of world-class innovation and safe, friendly and naturally beautiful hometown charm.more

History of Innovation

Rochester, Minn., a city located in the southeast part of the state, is known as a great place to live, work and visit. Rochester combines the best aspects of an innovative and cosmopolitan city with the charm of a small town environment. Rochester has the sophistication of a large metro area, but not the congestion or complications of the big city.more

Rochester, Minn. Convention & Visitors Bureau Organization Fact Sheet

The Rochester, Minn. Convention & Visitors Bureau (RCVB) provides information for visitors, travel agents and meeting planners, and works to encourage business travelers and visitors alike to visit local historic, cultural and recreational sites. The RCVB offers comprehensi...more

Parks Fact Sheet

Opportunities to enjoy the outdoors are abound in the city of Rochester, Minn. thanks to a plethora of city parks. For 150 years, Rochester parks have played an important part in the quality of life that Rochester’s citizens and visitors enjoy. Along with the many city golf courses and public trails, Rochester’s parks are what make the area so beautiful, livable and wond...more

Brad Jones, Executive Director Biography

Brad Jones is the executive director of the Rochester Convention & Visitors Bureau. Brad has a rich 15-year history as a CEO for convention & visitors bureaus.more