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Ice Cream

First-rate frozen fare: The scoop on ice cream and gelato. 

Whether you're craving a frozen treat for dessert, pre-ssert, or even as its own meal, Rochester has great options. Here's the scoop on a few local favorites. 

Flapdoodle is a real word meaning complete nonsense. Its most popular usage probably occurs in the Mark Twain novel "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn." However, it became part of owner Matt Tierney's lexicon as the name of his father's first sailboat.
Years later, when Tierney had an idea to open an ice cream store where customers could enjoy premium hand made ice cream in a fun and nonsensical environment, he knew just the word to link his past and his future. With that, Flapdoodles Homemade Ice Cream was born.


While choosing between Flapdoodles' 24 flavors is difficult, customers caught in a cone-versus-bowl conundrum should look no further than the store's name. The Flapdoodle is a sailboat-inspired dessert consisting of a single scoop of ice cream that represents the boat's hull, and a mini waffle cone placed on top to represent the sail and mast. Tierney recommends it for first-time customers.


The whole Tierney family plays an integral part in the business. "We also have an ice cream machine at home," he said. "So it's fun for my wife, myself, and my two daughters to experiment with different concoctions, and a lot of times, that's how we perfect flavors."
Flapdoodles also offers customers the chance to leave an indelible mark on its menu by holding contests to name new ice
cream flavors. In addition to securing a legacy in the world of frozen desserts, winners also receive prizes, so be sure to swing by www.flapdoodlesicecream.com and submit your clever and nonsensical flavor names.


Gelato hasn't always been the frozen forte of Chocolaterie Stam, which specializes in fine European chocolates and fresh gelato. In fact, what is now arguably their signature item began as an offering to help ease the transition between chocolate seasons, which fluctuate and are slowest in summer. However, they've honed their craft and become such gelato experts that the product has flourished into one of the cornerstones of their business. "I don't think we'd be here if we didn't have it," said owner Travis Yager.


So, is there a difference between ice cream and gelato?
"Yes, there is a difference," says Yager. "Gelato has about half the air of regular ice cream and a lot less fat. There's only about 4 percent butter fat, where premium ice creams are usually 10 to 20 percent. Those are the biggest differences. As far as sugar and calories, they're probably about the same."
Chocolaterie Stam also offers sorbettos, which is sorbet prepared like gelato, and consists of fruit, sugar and water.



Choclaterie Stam has become so well known for their gelato that some people don't even realize that they're a chocolate store! "I'll tell people that I'm with Chocolaterie Stam," Yager said. "And they'll say, ‘Is that the ice cream place downtown?' And I say, ‘Yeah, we do that, but we do chocolate, too.' As long as they know the name and where we're located, I'm okay with that."

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