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Rochester is home to the world-renowned Mayo Clinic and welcomes researchers, visiting physicians and patients from around the globe on a regular basis. For these reasons, Rochester has developed a world-class international airport to ensure seamless access to the city. The Rochester International Airport serves hundreds of thousands of visitors.


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Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP)

4300 Glumack Drive Saint Paul, MN 55111  | website

Ninety minutes north of Rochester, serving air passengers both locally and internationally. The airport offers award-winning shops and ... more

Rochester International Airport (RST)

7600 Helgerson Drive SW Rochester, MN 55902  | website

Served by three air carriers who collectively offer 13 flights each day to Atlanta, Chicago, and Minneapolis. The airport typically ... more

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Air travel into Rochester International Airport is easy with daily full-sized jet service from Delta Airlines,  and American Eagle Airlines.

Delta Airlines: 800-221-1212
American Eagle Airlines: 800-433-7300




Air Support Service

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Signature Flight Support

7300 Brataas Drive SW Rochester, MN 55902  | website

The world's largest Fixed Base Operation providing flight support services, fuel, handling, maintenance and hangarage for private aviation ... more

Spectrum Pilot Services

7300 Brataas Drive SW Rochester, MN 55902  | website

The only aircraft charter organization based at Rochester International Airport, specializing in providing schedule flexibility and a ... more

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