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New Year, New Brand

Introducing "Minnesota's Rochester: America's City of Care and Innovation"
Top 10 facts you need to know about our new destination brand 


1. New year, new brand

Rochester, MN is adopting a new community brand on January, 1, 2018. Our new brand, "Minnesota's Rochester: America's City of Care and Innovation," reflects the core truths of our community--that Rochester provides world-class medical and technological advances in a friendly, welcoming community.  

2. Spread the word

The launch of the new brand provides an exciting opportunity to share a compelling message about what make our community exceptional, and to position Rochester as a premier destination. You're encouraged to share the core messages about what sets our destination apart--our culture of caring and spirit of innovation--to visitors from outside Rochester and outside of Minnesota who are unfamiliar with our city. 

3. Walk the walk

The high-quality of service provided by our city's hospitality professionals, as well as our city's innovative visitor experience programs, are important factors that contributed to the development of Rochester's new brand focus on caring and innovation. Thank you to our hospitality workforce for living the ideals that are captured in our new brand tagline every day!

4. A team effort

The re-branding of Rochester was a team effort. The Rochester Convention & Visitors Bureau, Mayo Civic Center, and the Rochester Amateur Sports Commission collaborated to establish Rochester's new overall destination brand, and each organization also established a complementary individual identity.

5. The name game 

Two of the participating organizations acquired new names that better reflect their missions through the re-branding process. The Rochester Convention & Visitors Bureau is now named Experience Rochester MN, to better reflect our commitment to visitor experience and to serve as an invitation to come and see all that is new and exciting here! The Rochester Amateur Sports Commission is now named Rochester MN SportsMayo Civic Center is not changing its name.

6. Not THAT Rochester

Identifying our city as "Minnesota's Rochester" is a key element of our new brand. Research showed that outside of the Upper Midwest, potential visitors and event planners tend to think of Rochester, New York when "Rochester" is mentioned. Using "Minnesota's Rochester" to describe ourselves will eliminate confusion and cause people to take notice.

7. Brains behind the brand

A consulting firm with extensive expertise in destination branding, Fuseideas, collaborated with a local Branding Task Force to complete our re-branding project. The Branding Task Force was made up of staff members and board members/commissioners of Experience Rochester MN (formerly the RCVB), Mayo Civic Center, and Rochester MN Sports (formerly the Rochester Amateur Sports Commission).

8. Driven by data

Fuseideas conducted hundreds of interviews, focus groups, and surveys with Rochester community members, visitors, convention center clients, promoters, sports events organizers, and more to gather relevant information and data used in developing the new brand. The process of arriving at the new brand also involved creative design, user testing, copy writing, and strategic development. 

9. Transition time

Although we are introducing our new brand now and incorporating the messages of caring and innovation into our communications as much as possible, it will take time to integrate the new brand into all of our written and digital materials. Please bear with us as we make this transition throughout 2018!

10. Be the brand

Continue to be caring and innovative -- your efforts matter!

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