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Experience Accreditation

Over the past few years Hospitality 1st, Rochester Convention & Visitors Bureau, and Destination Medical Center representatives have been working together on an accreditation program to insure that the hospitality industry in Rochester achieves the highest quality patient and visitor experience now and in the future. The accreditation process (called Experience Accreditation) is part of the overall DMC plan and is designed to provide the ideal experience for all who live, visit, and work in Rochester. Experience Accreditation will help Rochester stay competitive in the worldwide health care market and promote Minnesota as a leading global medical destination.

The Experience Accreditation is organized into four segments: HotelTransportationRestaurant, and Retail. Leaders and work groups within these segments have developed specific standards that will provide a baseline of criteria. Files containing these standards are attached to the links above. Please contact the Rochester Convention & Visitors Bureau or your specified segment leader if you have any suggestions or comments on these standards.

The Experience Accreditation program is planning for a future hospitality industry kickoff and an official program roll-out some time this year. Watch for more details to be shared soon. 

We are all very excited about Experience Accreditation and the opportunity for the hospitality industry to identify themselves as an accredited business who provides our patients and visitors the highest quality experience through this industry leading accreditation program.